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Silent Yoga Headphones

Celebrate until the sun rises and create a fantastic atmosphere. headphones makes it possible to celebrate parties even further into the early hours without disturbing, poisoning relations with potential neighbors

Silent Yoga Headphones

Get the best of two worlds in the . A party for those who want to dance and listen to loud music and those who want to chat, relax and enjoy the show. No-sweat system setup, If you can set up a DVD player, you can set up a system.

Silent Yoga Headphones

RF Headphones are premium quality models that has superior sound quality, portability, and convenience.  Systems are user-friendly and can be operated by anyone with a basic knowledge of audio and event productio

Silent Yoga Headphones

Get your very own and bring your event to the next level with designed to create awesome events. Our wireless headphones enable you to create events anywhere, anytime.

Silent Yoga Headphones

A party in silence! How will I know if people want to talk to me or how will i speak with others if everyone has headphones? Funny question! Maybe by taking off the headphones ... That would be a good start

Silent Yoga Headphones

Top of the line wireless headphones and transmitters. We specialized in Headphone models designed for silent parties, silent cinema, silent theater, silent yoga, silent fitness, conferences, translations..

Silent Disco Yoga—More Than a Trend

Wireless Yoga headphones? it’s more than the next fad—it’s a pretty smart fix for a variety of teaching challenges.

Ever wish you could hear your yoga teacher whispering softly in your ear? Or that you had a way to block out the sound of ambulances and fire trucks whizzing by as you try to lose yourself .  The instructor is present in the room, but doesn't have to be amplified, because you can adjust the volume of the voice and the music, right on yoeur headphon. The noise-isolating headphones also block out ambient noise, minimizing distractions.


Escape the Outside World. With Silent Yoga it’s much more simple to tune out from the world and tune in to your overall wellness. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, I think the shared intimate experience it creates where you’re completely in the zone is what makes Silent Yoga Headphones special

Silent Yoga creates unforgettable experiences using very comfortable wireless headphones that allows each attendee to control their own volume and tune in on up tofour channels from your instructor and their selected music soundtrack. Because only those with headphones can hear, your chosen audience is completely immersed in the experience regardless of whether it’s a yoga class in a noisy gym or yoga on the beach.
Get moving with Silent Yoga. The portable transmitters will automatically adapt the sound of microphone and music. WHn instructor speaks, the music volume will turn down automatically and volume will go back up as soon the instructor stops speaking. No buttons, all automaticly done by the silent ypoga transmittor sensors

Practice yoga immersed in silence and listening only to the teacher's instructions to encourage concentration. Here is the basic idea of ​​Silent Yoga, where wireless headphones become a useful tool to guide the yoga and meditation.

There are many more or less acceptable ways to modernize Yoga, but in the case of Silent Yoga we can say that this is a rich strategy of positive sides

In a Silent Yoga lesson through the headphones, you can listen to the teacher's instructions or meditation practice and get shaded from noise coming from outside. Headphones with acoustic design minimize distractions and block environmental noise.

Whether looking to comply with sound ordinance issues or simply wanting to wow the crowd at your next event, Silent Yoga headphones is the perfect addition to fitness and wellness events, after-hour parties, weddings, film screenings, music festivals, corporate affairs, guided group events and much more.

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